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Celebrate the New Year with Minted

I hope you all had a magical Christmas and holiday season! Ours was a little chillier than usual. Most years we don’t get much snow, but this year we had a beautiful white Christmas. In fact, we’ve been living in an arctic wasteland for the past month (and there’s more snow in the forecast this weekend). Personally, I’m over this weather, but the kids are loving it! I caught this picture of my girls enjoying the snow, and I thought it would be perfect for our New Year cards this year.

snow girls

I never got around to doing Christmas cards this year (our basement was busy flooding instead – twice!), so I’m planning to send out some New Year cards instead. Luckily for me, Minted has a huge collection of New Year card designs to pick from.

Minted’s Find it Fast option is a super helpful tool to find the perfect card. Instead of individually clicking through and uploading my photo to each design, I only had to upload it once and then I could see it mocked up in all the cards. With hundreds of designs, this was such a time saver. I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way!

I love having a wide selection of choices, but too many options can feel overwhelming. Minted makes it easy to filter all their designs by number of photos, card orientation, price, format, printing type, and more. I picked out a few of my favourite designs to share with you.

Help me pick our New Year card and let me know which one you like best!

I like the rhyming message and little heart on the front of this Married Little Heart design. I suppose it’s technically intended for couples, but I think it works really well with my photo too.

I also really like the simple look of this Snippet design. The snowflake overlays comes in 5 colours, and they’re a perfect fit with our snowy picture.


This Peace Dots design reminds me of snow and confetti – the perfect combination for a New Year card!

Peace Dots

And then there’s The Countdown design with a cute disco ball illustration.

If you didn’t send out a Christmas letter either, the Fun Facts Holiday Card is an easy way to keep friends and family up-to-date with the highlights of the last year.

Fun Facts card

I also like this Minimalist Square card. It’s a great way to show off a bunch of pictures from the last year, and the design comes in pretty gold, silver, rose gold, glittery gold, or glittery silver foil accents.

Minimalist Square

Minted carries non-photo cards too. I love the simple, glitter look of their Festive Glow card.

Festive Glow card

Or this modern graphic Midnight Countdown card.

Midnight Countdown card

Or this Merry Moments card. It comes in 6 colours and is another nice way of sharing your top 10 moments of 2016.

Merry Moments card - cranberry

The last card I want to spotlight is the Warm Wishes Custom Card. When you upload a scan of your own or your child’s line drawing, Minted designers will create a digital version for a unique and one of a kind card in foil press or letterpressed colours. What a beautiful keepsake!

Warm Wishes Custom Card

Oh, and while I was browsing I noticed one other thing perfect for 2017. I’m a freak for organizers which is why I have my eye on this custom weekly planner personalized with my own family photos.

A Year in My Life Notebook

When you buy your New Year cards, Minted also offers free envelopes and an Address Assistant to make addressing them simple. Upload your addresses and they’ll print them on your choice of matching envelope for free. Then you can add postage and mail them out, or have Minted take care of everything and mail them for you too!

And there’s one more feature I love: you can buy your cards now and personalize them later. So if you see a good deal, you can take advantage of that promotional offer and come back to finish personalizing with photos, text, or addresses, even after the promotion has expired. I love how easy Minted makes the whole process!

So take advantage of the deal going on right now: all new year and holiday cards are 20% off with code HAPPY2017 until January 9th!

In the meantime, I’d like your opinion on our card. Which design do you like best?

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  • Great picture! Your daughters are beautiful! I’ve never sent out New Year cards before, but I like the Fun Facts one and the Snippets one.

  • First thing, I love the new site very nice!! and Happy New Year!!…Minted has some pretty awesome cards to pick and I love how you make it your own to send to loved ones, I love the ones you posted, especially the first two they are my favourites!!